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Madagascan vanilla
Fève de cacao
cacao bean Madagascar
Cannelle de Madagascar
Épices naturelles
Allée de Baobab
Maki de Madagascar
Femme pêcheuse malgache

Natural products from Madagascar

What awaits you

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Visit matana and discover the success of our natural food store from Madagascar. We offer premium, authentic products that invite you to travel.

various spices from Madagascar sold in Canada Quebec Montreal

Natural products

We provide natural ingredients from Madagascar.


In addition to enhancing your dishes, they have exceptional virtues for your health.

We sell our products at retail and in bulk.

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Natural - Exotic - Respectful

Our natural and quality products will enhance the taste of your meals and help improve your health.

Our products invite your senses to take an exotic trip to a tropical island unique in the world.

We ensure that fair remuneration is paid to agricultural producers and that the natural production process has been respected.

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