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Fresh herb pesto

The pesto or pesto alla genovese (from the Italian pestare “piler” pronounced in Genoese Ligurian, in Ligurian ponentino) is a traditional condiment of Italian cuisine, typical of Liguria1, made from basil (Basilico Genovese), pine nuts, cheese, marjoram or parsley, olive oil, garlic and a broth. pesto benefits from a designation as a traditional Italian agri-food product and is included among the traditional agri-food products of Liguria (PAT).

The pesto is obtained by pounding (stirring under pressure) the basil with salt, pine nuts and garlic, all seasoned with Parmigiano Reggiano, Fiore sardo and extra virgin olive oil. It is therefore a raw sauce, composed in which the ingredients are mixed cold, not cooked, which allows them not to lose their original organoleptic property.

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Fresh herb pesto, moringa
Fresh herb pesto, moringa

A vegan and economical recipe

MATANA offers you a revisited recipe for classic pesto! We suggest replacing the pine nuts with walnuts which are much cheaper.

We also removed the parmesan and introduced more fresh herbs to give a little more flavor to the sauce. The moringa powder adds an extra touch of health and the combava powder which accentuates the taste of lemon. A little exotic touch too.

Discover the fusion of freshness and health in our Fresh Herb Pesto, where the invigorating essence of kaffir lime and the nourishing properties of moringa come together to create a truly exceptional culinary masterpiece. Explore our recipe now for a taste sensation like no other.


Ingredients for a fresh herb pesto

Fresh herbs have interesting properties

Not only do they enhance the flavor of our dishes, fresh herbs are also beneficial for our health.

  1. Herbs stimulate our brain;

  2. Herbs help prevent breast cancer;

  3. Herbs can soothe the colon;

  4. Herbs can help you fight inflammation;

  5. Herbs are rich in antioxidants

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Moringa brings benefits to the body

Moringa is recognized among health foods like goji berries, kale, baobab, etc. Several scientific studies have demonstrated or proven the multiple benefits of Moringa on health and beauty:

  • it brings energy and vitality

  • it is rich in minerals

  • it acts as a powerful antioxidant

  • it improves sleep

  • it helps fight against cardiovascular diseases

  • it moisturizes the skin and fights against skin aging.

Kaffir lime powder in Quebec and Canada

Kaffir lime powder is within the reach of Quebecers and Canadians for exotic flavors and a journey of the senses in our traditional dishes or exotic dishes.

Kaffir lime is an exotic spice and a source of health benefits. However, it must be remembered thatit should be consumed in small doses at a time!

Fresh herb pesto, moringa
Fresh herb pesto, moringa

MATANA is a Quebec company specializing in the sale of natural ingredients from Madagascar and with health benefits. Our mission is to share with Quebecers and Canadians the wealth of Madagascar in terms of plant-based products.

Our Malagasy suppliers are sorted on the fly. We work with local companies and producers who share our values: natural products, respectful of the environment and human conditions.

By purchasing our products, you support a Quebec company and the Malagasy producers of these products which do you so much good.

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