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45% milk chocolate with coconut milk and vanilla - 75 g
  • 45% milk chocolate with coconut milk and vanilla - 75 g


    A creamy and sublimely exotic milk chocolate with notes of vanilla and coconut milk.


    The image corresponds to the portrait of an Antaimoro man coming from the east-central coast of Madagascar, whose cultured people knew very early Arabic writing, the art of divination and astrology. The Antaimoro keep in large books called “Sorabe” (which means Great and Holy Scripture) the stories, magic formulas (for medical purposes), and spells of the different Antaimoro clans.


    Malagasy cocoa is 100% natural since it grows wild in nature and without fertilizer. 90% of Malagasy production comes from the Sambirano Valley, a region located in the northwest of the island where there is a hot and humid tropical climate.


    The taste of cocoa from Madagascar is unique, it reveals a fruity aftertaste. Its bitterness is moderate and unusual ...


    Origin: Madagascar


    Storage: In a dry and cool place between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius

    • Cocoa from Madagascar, natural and without fertilizer: coming mainly from the Sambirano valley, in the north-west of Madagascar, ce cacao  is grown naturally on particularly fertile land and producing a rich and endemic flora.


      A rare variety with a unique taste: the moderate bitterness is not usual and reveals citrus flavors with fruity final notes reminiscent of red fruits. The aroma is also very particular.

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