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Combava Powder from Madagascar - Professional

Combava Powder from Madagascar - Professional

By integrating thecombava powder from Madagascar of Matana in their recipes, professionals and artisans:

  • bring an exotic and creative touch to their creations,
  • stand out from the competition by offering distinctive and unforgettable dishes,
  • arouse the enthusiasm and curiosity of their customers.


MATANA Madagascar Combava Powder offers an opportunity to explore new culinary dimensions, to amaze the taste buds and to create dishes that tell an authentic and delicious story, straight from the enchanting island of Madagascar.


At MATANA, we go beyond the simple transaction by offering value-added products designed to elevate your food creations. We are committed to providing professionals with exceptional products that enrich your offerings with a premium touch.


Our products are available in Quebec and across Canada. We remain at your disposal!

  • Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Madagascar combava thanks to our dedicated FAQ page. Discover the answers to your questions about this iconic citrus fruit, from its cultivation to its uses in cooking and traditional medicine.

    Madagascar kaffir lime FAQ

  • Emballage en sac sous-vide

PriceFrom C$30.99
Excluding Sales Tax
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