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65% vegetable cashew milk chocolate - 85g
  • 65% vegetable cashew milk chocolate - 85g


    Bronze medalist Academy of Chocolate | The second chocolate bar made with succulent MILC, vegan cashew milk. Gourmet in the mouth, the taste of creamy cashew milk combines perfectly with a high cocoa content, a unique recipe to discover.


    Malagasy cocoa is 100% natural since it grows wild in nature and without fertilizer. 90% of Malagasy production comes from the Sambirano valley, a region located in the northwest of the island where a hot and humid tropical climate reigns.


    La Chocolaterie Robert makes chocolates of excellence by highlighting all the aromatic richness of fine cocoas from Madagascar. A house founded in 1940, Chocolaterie Robert has the specificity of being a “TREE TO BAR” Chocolate Planter, a step up from “BEAN TO BAR”.




    Conservation: In a dry, cool place between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius


    Other information:Gluten-free, Raise Trade labeled


      • Cocoa from Madagascar - natural and without fertilizer:coming mainly from the Sambirano valley, in the north-west of Madagascar, this cocoa is grown naturally on particularly fertile land and produces a rich and endemic flora.


        A rare variety with a unique taste: lThe moderate bitterness is not usual and reveals citrus flavors with fruity final notes reminiscent of red fruits. The aroma is also very special.

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