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White pepper - 50g x 10
  • White pepper - 50g x 10


    Introduce your customers to our 100% natural white pepper!


    Madagascar white pepper is the least pungent, however it has the most subtle aroma with an exotic and unique flavor.


    White in color and with a less spicy taste, it blends well in white sauces, béchamel sauce or light sauces. It is also ideal for fish and white meat dishes.


    White pepper comes from the Piper Nigrum pepper plant of the Piperaceae family. These peppercorns are picked at  a stage of full maturity. They are then soaked in water. Stripped of their husk, the grains are dried for a long time in the sun. We then obtain white pepper.


    Like any product of the island, it comes from a wild culture without chemical treatment.



    Origin : Madagascar


    Conservation : In a cool, dry place

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