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Dark chocolate 65% with kaffir lime and fleur de sel - 85g
  • Dark chocolate 65% with kaffir lime and fleur de sel - 85g


    This kaffir lime and fleur de sel chocolate will make you discover  a unique and authentic flavor. Kaffir lime , also called kaffir lime ,   is a citrus fruit from the tropics that looks like lime or lime. It grows wildly in the fields.  It gives off a bewitching fragrance that complements both sweet and savory dishes. 


    This 65% dark chocolate with kaffir lime and fleur de sel is our real favourite!


    Malagasy cocoa is 100% natural since it grows wild in nature and without fertilizer. 90% of Malagasy production comes from the Sambirano Valley, a region located in the northwest of the island where there is a hot and humid tropical climate.


    The taste  of cocoa from Madagascar is unique, it reveals a fruity aftertaste. Its bitterness is moderate and unusual ... 


    Origin:  Madagascar


    Storage:  In a dry and cool place between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius


    Other information:  Gluten-free, Raise Trade label

      • Cocoa from Madagascar, natural and without fertilizer: pComing mainly from the Sambirano Valley, in the north-west of Madagascar, this cacao  is grown naturally on particularly fertile land and produces a rich and endemic flora.


        A rare variety with a unique taste: lhe moderate bitterness is not usual and reveals citrus flavors with fruity final notes reminiscent of red fruits. The aroma is also very particular.

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