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MATANA Quebec | Montreal: sale of 100% natural, organic, fair trade products from Madagascar

We are a responsible company. Our products are intended for food processing professionals and individuals, in Quebec and across Canada.


Exotic flavors and escape of the senses!

Matana Québec, Produits naturels de Madagascar, Voatsiperifery, Poivre sauvage de Madagascar, Boutique en ligne d'épices, Vanille de Madagascar à Montréal, Canada
We are

inspired  by nature!

Matana is a Quebec company, specializing in the sale of natural, organic and solidarity-based agriculture products from Madagascar (Bourbon vanilla, superior quality cocoa, baobab, etc.).

Matana offers products that meet the expectations of consumers, who are increasingly demanding on the quality, origin and transparency of the products they buy.

Matana products are selected in order to preserve their essence, taste and authenticity.

Produits Matana, Madagascar, Québec, Épices
Madagascan vanilla
Produit Matana, Combava, Québec, Épice de Madagascar
Produit Matana, baies roses de Madagascar, Québec
Produt Matana, Moringa, Combava de Madagascar, Québec
Matana, Poivre blanc de Madagascar, Québec
Our vision

Sharing the benefits of nature

We want to positively impact the quality of life and offer well-being and health to the Malgasy farmers by sharing the benefits of the Malagasy nature.

For this, we aim to:

1) Be the reference in natural and authentic products from Madagascar

2) To make Madagascar known through its endemic products and through the societal values carried by Matana

3) Facilitate access to high-quality products and affordable products in the Western market

Vanille bourbon de Madagascar, produits naturels de Madagascar, épices en ligne Québec, Montréal, Canada, produits exotiques
MATANA Quebec | Exotic products from Madagascar | Baobab alley

An island of generous and exceptional nature!

Madagascar is an island located in the Indian Ocean. It is characterized by a wealthy flora and fauna. The island has many unique plants with exceptional virtues that we do not see anywhere else in the world.


For example, Madagascar is the world's leading producer of vanilla; its cocoa is ranked among the best in the world. Madagascar's spices differ in their floral notes… Among the plants listed on the island, many have powerful medicinal virtues and attributes.

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