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MATANA offers custom-made products suitable for 

Caterers, restaurant owners, manufacturers, deli or distributors

Whether you are a distributor, industrialist, food or cosmetics professional, if you are looking for authentic, 100% natural ingredients with exceptional virtues, find out what MATANA can guarantee you!


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MATANA offers very high quality products. They are guaranteed 100% natural, without GMOs and without additives or preservatives. With their exotic flavors, our products will make your senses travel. In addition to being endemic products, they have exceptional health benefits!

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MATANA offers complete transparency regarding its supply. We ensure traceability of our products. Our suppliers are rigorously selected professionals, for their ability to produce sufficient quantities and respond to the market, for their involvement with the community and for respect for nature and the environment.

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MATANA takes care to preserve the essence, taste and authenticity of its products. Most of our products are naturally grown or wild grown. They are mostly sorted and prepared by hand and do not undergo industrial processing. These traditional processes make it possible to keep tastes but also to create jobs for the local population.


Discover here the process of preparing our vanillas: a traditional process passed down from generation to generation!



MATANA's mission is to share, in Quebec and Canada, the benefits of natural products from Madagascar. We try to contribute positively to improving the living conditions of local producers (farmers) by choosing our suppliers and donating part of our profits to them.

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