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MATANA Montreal Quebec - sale of natural, authentic and organic products from Madagascar. Food ingredients for food processors and individuals.

How to store vanilla?

  • Ideal temperature between 15 and 20 degrees,

  • Dry without humidity to prevent mold,

  • Protected from light and heat to avoid drying out and loss of aromas. It is better to store them in a cupboard,

  • Away from the air which dries up the vanilla (tightly close the jar, for example)

What is the shelf life of vanilla, does it expire?

As long as there is no mold, we can keep it. It may just lose its aroma over time. Vanilla is not a perishable product, however we recommend consuming it within two years so that it retains its suppleness and its aromas.

Is my vanilla still good?

Twist the vanilla, if it is soft, it is still good. If it breaks or refuses to fold, it is not really fresh anymore and would not give the same result as fresh vanilla. But that does not mean that it can no longer be used.

What to do with my used vanilla pods?

Nothing is lost !

  • In the sugar to delicately flavor it: natural vanilla sugar!  

  • In your alcoholic drinks: rum or whiskey, this will give them an exotic taste and fragrance!  

  • In all your cooked dishes, your jams and compotes to delicately flavor them.

  • Marinated in your oils (cooking or body).  Discover our blog on the benefits of vanilla.

What is the difference between chocolate and cocoa bean?

These products come from the same Theobroma cacao or cocoa tree or cocoa tree.

The difference lies mainly in the processing steps of the cocoa beans. In reality, raw cocoa did not undergo any roasting, but rather went through a smoother and better controlled fermentation process.

The beans are naturally dried in the sun after poding. In addition, raw cocoa contains no added fat.  no sugar, unlike classic chocolate.  In addition, raw cocoa is a wonder for the health .

Discover all the benefits of raw cocoa on the website  Kazidomi

How to make chocolate with beans?

  1. Sort the cocoa beans: use only whole beans;

  2. Preheat the oven to 110 degrees;

  3. Place the cocoa beans on a baking sheet;

  4. Roast the cocoa beans for 15 to 30 minutes and turn regularly. The duration can be adapted according to the oven.


Discover homemade chocolate recipes on the website of  CSS Insurance / My health

Can we eat the raw cocoa bean?

Cocoa beans contain a concentrate of nutrients. Its raw and bitter flavor is suitable for both sweet and savory preparations. Discover our blog on the virtues and benefits of the cocoa bean.

Whole, crushed or powdered, they enhance foie gras, game, a fruit dessert ...

See all the information on the website


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MATANA Quebec Montreal sells in its Boutique natural, organic and authentic products from Madagascar

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