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What are pink berries?

Pink berries are not really berries, but rather small dried fruits from the tropical tree Schinus Molle. They are often used as a spice for their slightly sweet and spicy flavor.

Pink berries have a mild spicy taste rather than pungent. Their aroma is often described as a combination of pepper, pine and citrus.

What is the shelf life of vanilla, does it expire?

As long as there is no mold, we can keep it. It may just lose its aroma over time. Vanilla is not a perishable product, however we recommend consuming it within two years so that it retains its suppleness and its aromas.

How to use pink berries in cooking?

Madagascar pink berries can add a touch of originality and flavor to many dishes. Here are some ideas on how to use them in cooking:

Seasoning for meat and fish : Lightly crush pink berries to release their aromas, then sprinkle them over meats like chicken, beef, lamb or fish before cooking for a subtle, fragrant flavor.

Ssalads : Incorporate crushed pink berries into your salads for a note of freshness and spice. They add an interesting dimension to salad dressings and vegetable mixes.

Vegetable dishes : Sprinkle pink berries over roasted, grilled or sautéed vegetables to enhance their flavors. They go particularly well with vegetables like squash, asparagus and mushrooms.


Fish and seafood : Pink berries delicately complement seafood dishes such as shrimp, mussels and white fish. They bring a lemony and herbaceous note.


Cheeses : Use pink berries to garnish cheese platters. Their bright color and subtle taste can add an aesthetic and taste dimension to your cheese selection.


Cocktails : Pink berries can be used to flavor cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. You can add them whole or crushed for a unique flavor twist.


Sauces and marinades : Incorporate pink berries into your sauces and marinades to add a fragrant note. They can be used in cream-based sauces, pasta sauces or even meat marinades.


Desserts : Experiment with pink berries in your desserts. They can be incorporated into jams, pastries, sorbets and even chocolates for a hint of sweet tang.


With grains : Combine pink berries with grains like rice, quinoa or barley to create original and delicious side dishes.


Trim : Use whole pink berries as a garnish to give an elegant visual touch to your dishes.


Remember that pink berries have a subtle taste, so start with a small amount and adjust according to your preference. Experiment with different combinations to discover how they pair best with your favorite dishes.

How to store pink berries?

To preserve their flavor, it is recommended to store pink berries in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. An airtight container is ideal to prevent humidity.


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