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Vanilla : virtues and benefits

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The vanilla benefits and virtues are often overlooked. Vanilla has much more to offer us than its flavored taste. From its role in perfumery to its positive impact on mental well-being, uncover the diverse advantages of this exquisite spice. Find out how?

1- Natural antidepressant

Like chocolate, vanilla soothes, calms and relaxes the body and the brain. You can drink vanilla tea in panic attacks, hysteria and small loss of confidence ...

2- Aphrodisiac

Vanilla is said to be a natural aphrodisiac: its scent and taste increase libido. In some cultures, mixed with alcohol, it is said to be the main component of love filters.

3- Stimulant of the nervous system

Vanilla stimulates the nervous system, soothes stress, physical and intellectual fatigue and improves memory and concentration.

4- Against aging

Rich in polyphenols, vanilla acts against cell aging. It restructures and regenerates the skin. It is also widely used in cosmetics (Channel, for example). You can also steep vanilla pods in sweet almond oil and use it for your skin.

5. Natural antiseptic

Vanilla is a powerful antiseptic. It relieves animal stings and bites.

6. Slimming ally

Vanilla naturally contains sugar and can therefore replace it in yogurts, cookies, sorbets, ice cream and pastries!

7. Good for digestion

In addition to its extraordinary taste, vanilla stimulates the appetite and facilitates digestion.

Sources :

Other sources of information on the benefits of vanilla or vanillin on our health : ÉliaBeauté, for the benefits on the hair Carolepiceline, etc.

👉The vanilla virtues and benefits are truly remarkable. This exquisite spice not only enhances the taste of desserts and dishes but also has potential health benefits. Vanilla has been linked to improved mood, reduced inflammation, and even antioxidant properties. Whether in the kitchen or for holistic well-being, vanilla's versatility makes it a cherished ingredient.

Vanilla : vertues and benefits

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