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où trouver du poivre sauvage voatsiperifery, vente en gros de poivre sauvage de Madagascar

Voatsiperifery wild black pepper - Professional

THEwild black pepper voatsiperifery is an exceptional spice that offers professionals and food processors an opportunity to explore new taste dimensions and create original and distinguished culinary products.


The grains of wild Madagascar pepper are smaller than classic black pepper varieties and have a slightly rough texture. Its flavor is deep, balanced and exotic, with woody, citrus and resin notes. This makes it an ingredient of choice for professionals looking to add a touch of originality to their culinary creations.


It is excellent for spicing game dishes, mushrooms and salads to enhance the flavors of red fruits. It is often used by artisan chocolatiers to surprise lovers of fine chocolates.


MATANA Québec stands out by offering products designed to transform your dishes into memorable experiences, to satisfy the most demanding palates!

  • The voatsiperifery of Madagascar: an exceptional bay to discover. Our FAQ guides you through its origin, its intriguing taste and the reasons why it has become a favorite ingredient of daring chefs.

    Voatsiperifery FAQ

  • Emballage en sac sous-vide

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