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All about pink berries: origin, use, virtues

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The pink berries are the fruits of several species of shrubs of the genus Schinus which are used as spices.

Pink Bay grows on Reunion Island, South America, Florida, Madagascar, New Caledonia and Brazil. The best quality is called Calibre A+ and the berries are then homogeneous and fully mature. Only 5% of the harvest meets this specific calibre, intended for great chefs.

The world’s main producers are Brazil and Madagascar. (Sources : Wikipédia)

pink berries

The pink berry has a powerful but not pungent fragrance. Its flavor is sweet, sweet, peppery and aniseed. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

In addition to being decorative, it goes perfectly with fish, shellfish, white meats, raw meats (tartars, carpaccios) as well as chocolate-based desserts.

👉 Too much pink berries are indigestible and can be toxic. A dozen grains per dish is enough.


Characteristics of pink berries

  • Bright pink colour;

  • Taste delicately peppery, fruity and slightly sweet (not spicy);

  • Sweet and aniseed fragrance;

  • Heat sensitive because they contain essential oils that evaporate rapidly;

  • Light, soft and hollow.

If you use a grinder to crush pink berries, use a coarse grinder.


To accompany all kinds of dishes

Pink berries are as good for savoury as sweet dishes. They make simple recipes for meals worthy of the greatest occasions! Here are some suggestions:

  • In sauce for duck or fish

  • In salads

  • In soups and soups

  • On meat or fish carpaccios

  • With cheese and fondues

  • On vegetables: sautéed or grilled

  • On pasta

  • Crushed on buttered bread slices

  • In aroma for herbal teas and teas

It is always best to add it at the end of cooking to keep its taste.


Health benefits

In addition to being decorative and tasty, pink berries have several medicinal properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties

  • Antispasmodic properties

  • Relief of rheumatic and joint pain

  • Helps clean the respiratory tract and digestive disorders

  • Vasoconstrictive virtues

  • Effective in combating certain tropical infectious diseases


Conservation of pink berries

Ideally, pink berries should be kept in airtight boxes away from light, moisture and heat. Whole berries keep better and longer. Generally, there is no expiry date for the pink berries, we recommend an optimal shelf life of 2 years from the opening of the bag.


Pink Berry Recipe Ideas

MATANA offers you recipe ideas based on our products. Discover our recipe suggestions here


Where to find good quality of pink berries in Quebec or Canada?

MATANA is a Quebec company that markets products from Madagascar. She sells high quality pink berries from wild agriculture, without fertilizer. These products are carefully hand-sorted by professional and experienced workers.

Discovering Madagascar Pink Berries: A Flavorful Journey

Explore how Madagascar pink berries add a burst of flavor to dishes and drinks while providing a range of health-promoting virtues. From gourmet cuisine to natural remedies, these berries are a true treasure.

Pink berries are available on the boutique en ligne or in our different points de vente partenaires.

MATANA sells 100% natural and authentic products from Madagascar, for food industries and individuals. Its main objective is to make Madagascar known through its endemic and exceptional products. Its products are of high quality with exceptional health benefits.

MATANA imports products directly from Madagascar from local producers. It pays back a part of its profits to improve the living conditions of local farmers (Malagasy).


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