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Cocoa bean cuisine: How to Cook and Enjoy

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Elevate your culinary skills with cocoa beans. Learn how to cook and savor cocoa beans like a pro with our tips !


You can use the cocoa bean whole or crushed, crushed, grated or ground. You can also roast them in a pan and reduce them to powder to obtain cocoa nibs. The cocoa bean can replace nuts and oilseeds in some recipes (pecans, cashews, pine nuts, walnut kernels, etc.). Mixed with oilseeds, the bean will make an excellent snack that will benefit your health.

How to Cook cocoa bean


Whole : it can be taken for lunch or as a snack. You can mix it with your cereals, in your fromage blanc or in a yogurt.

Crushed or ground : it enhances your desserts. It could be emited or burst in your cake doughs or on your ice cream, your yogurt, fromage blanc ... The cocoa bean can also be mixed with fruit and all its variants: fruit salads, fruit pies… or just sprinkled on fresh fruit. The bean goes well with chocolate and all chocolate desserts : mousse, cookies, brownies, fondants, moelleux, etc.

How to cook cocoa

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