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Chocolate couverture 70% - 1kg
  • Chocolate couverture 70% - 1kg


    Designed especially for pastry chefs, confectioners, chocolate makers!

    Ideal for making les  chocolate sauces and ganaches, coating, confectionery and cakes!


    Dark chocolate 70% cocoa from Madagascar. A subtle marriage between sugar and cocoa content. A perfect aromatic balance. Labeled raise trade and awarded by the academy of chocolate. I'Academy of Chocolate.


    Malagasy cocoa is 100% natural since it grows wild in nature and without fertilizer. 90% of Malagasy production comes from the Sambirano Valley, a region located in the northwest of the island where there is a hot and humid tropical climate.


    The taste  of cocoa from Madagascar is unique, it reveals a fruity aftertaste. Its bitterness is moderate and unusual ... 


    Origin: Madagascar


    Storage: In a dry and cool place between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius


    Other information: Gluten-free, Labeled Raise Trade, Certified organic Ecocert


    • Made entirely in the cocoa producing country: Madagascar, this chocolate contributes to economic development by locally creating local skills and know-how (Raisetrade label)

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