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fèves de cacao premium de Madagascar, achat en ligne de fève de cacao au Québec et au Canada, Comment utiliser les fèves
  • Madagascar cocoa bean


    Cocoa beans are seeds of the cocoa tree also called "pods". Manufacturers use them to make chocolate. They can be eaten whole or crushed, raw or roasted.  Our cocoa beans are raw and 100% natural, without any industrial processing.


    Cocoa beans fit into several types of culinary dishes. The unsweetened and slightly bitter taste may surprise you! For example, cocoa beans, coarsely chopped, can be sprinkled over foie gras, a game dish or fish. For dessert, they  can be used in several recipes such as cakes, madeleines, chocolate mousse...


    Whole cocoa beans can also be eaten whole like seeds throughout the day.  The square of chocolate served with the coffee can be replaced by bean seeds, it's more chic and health! Homemade lovers make their  own chocolate with our beans.


    Raw cocoa has health benefits. As it has not undergone any transformation, it has kept all its natural nutritional properties.  In equal quantities, raw cocoa would thus contain 126% more iron, 149% more magnesium and 136% more potassium than cooked cocoa (Sources:Kazidomi)


    Like all our other products, it comes from wild cultivation without chemical treatment.


    Origin: Madagascar


    Conservation: In a cool, dry place between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius


    Other information: Gluten free

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