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Où acheter du curcuma de qualité, vente en gros de curcuma de Madagascar, curcuma premium

Turmeric Powder from Madagascar - Professional

Discover culinary authenticity with our Madagascar turmeric. A source of exotic flavors to enhance your food creations and take your customers' taste buds on a journey.


THEturmeric from Madagascar or "Tamotamo" stands out for its taste, aroma, color and unique qualities due to the terroir of Madagascar. These differences make Madagascar turmeric a distinctive choice for food professionals looking to bring an exotic, high-quality touch to their products.

Raw or cooked, turmeric can be enjoyed in sauces, soups, meat, fish, vegetables and any other colorful dish.


Did you know that Madagascar turmeric is recognized for its beneficial health properties? By using it in your creations, you offer your customers an option that combines culinary pleasure and benefits for their well-being.


As a partner of agri-food professionals, MATANA Québec is committed to providing you with exceptional products that enrich your offerings with a touch of superior quality.

  • Explore our FAQ page dedicated to Madagascar turmeric, your comprehensive resource to learn everything about this enchanting spice:Madagascar Turmeric FAQ

  • Emballage en sac sous-vide

PriceFrom C$8.99
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