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  • Turmeric from Madagascar


    Turmeric from Madagascar or "Tamotamo" is different from other origins because of its bright orange color. Its taste is warm and sweet, less earthy and slightly sweet compared to aux autre.

    Raw or cooked, turmeric can be eaten in sauces, soups, meat, fish, vegetables and any other colored dish. In Madagascar, it is often used in vegetable pickles or to color rice. In India, turmeric is used in spice blends such as curry.


    Turmeric from Madagascar has a high content of curcumin, this component of turmeric which is so good for our body: helps digestion and  liver detoxification, rich in antioxidants and trace elements . Curcumin also produces a dramatic result on the skin.


    Like all our other products, it comes from wild cultivation without chemical treatment.


    Origin: Madagascar


    Conservation: In a cool, dry place

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