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Healthy, vegan and easy brownie recipe!

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

The brownie is a chocolate cake, melting in places, baked in the oven. The ingredients for making the traditional recipe include flour, sugar, eggs, butter and chocolate. Usually, pieces of hazelnuts are added! (Sources: Wikipedia)

Several recipes were developed later. You can accompany the brownie with custard, whipped cream (whipped cream). Instead of hazelnuts, you can add white or dark chocolate chips. It is also called chocolate softness.

We present to you a vegan recipe with pure cocoa nibs to cut the sweetness. It is easy to make and healthy!

Healthy, vegan and easy to make brownie recipe!
Healthy, vegan and easy to make brownie recipe!

This dessert is the best known and favorite among children! Every bite of this healthy, vegan and easy-to-make brownie recipe provides great pleasure! It can be accompanied by a glass of milk or custard.


Ingredients for the healthy, vegan and easy-to-make brownie recipe!

🌱 2 bananas

🌱 125 g oat flour

🌱 100 g of flour (coconut, for example)

🌱 100 g of pure cocoa powder

🌱 125 ml of almond milk or vegetable milk of your choice

🌱 50g cocoa nibs

🌱 1 vanilla pod

🌱4 tbsp peanut butter

🌱 5 tbsp maple syrup

🌱 1 tsp baking powder

🌱 1 pinch of salt

Cocoa contains unsuspected benefits

Cocoa contains a concentrate of nutrients, it contributes to the balance of the nervous system and contributes to good mood by providing our body with a significant quantity of antioxidants.

It contains flavonoids and polyphenols, equivalent to more than 10% of the weight of the seed! It's still much more than green tea or even berries. Goji. These anti-oxidants improve defenses against free radicals which attack and destroy cells, and allowthe prevention of many diseases: cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, neuronal degeneration, arteriosclerosis, eye and vision diseases, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.


Good cocoa beans in Quebec and Canada

MATANA offers, in Quebec and throughout Canada, cocoa from Madagascar in its pure, 100% natural and authentic state. The product is available in the form of beans, nibs or powder. It also sells Malagasy brands such as the famous Chocolat Robert or Menakao in the form of bars or cocoa couverture.

Madagascar's cocoa beans are among the most coveted in the world. They are prized by the greatest master chocolatiers. You should know that Madagascar cocoa is the only one to have the fine cocoa label in Africa.

Madagascar is an extraordinary land. Its island location, the diversity of its reliefs and its climates are reflected in the unique intrinsic qualities of its plants. The soil of Madagascar is thus recognized throughout the world as a true sanctuary for botanists and pharmacologists. (Sources: Voany)

To find out more, read our article on the best cocoa in the world

Healthy, vegan and easy to make brownie recipe!
Healthy, vegan and easy to make brownie recipe!

An eco-friendly and responsible company

MATANA is a Quebec company that markets products from Madagascar. Its main objective is to make Madagascar known for its endemic and exceptional products. Matana donates part of its profits to improve the living conditions of local (Malagasy) farmers.

Our Malagasy suppliers are sorted on the fly. We work with local companies and producers who share our values: natural products, respectful of the environment and human conditions.

Cocoa feeds around 30,000 farmers in the Sambirano region. MATANA donates part of its profits to improve the living conditions of local (Malagasy) farmers.

By purchasing our products, you support a Quebec company and the Malagasy producers of these products which do you so much good.

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