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Acheter de la poudre de cacao de Madagascar en ligne, utiliser la poudre de cacao en cuisine, avantages de la poudre de cacao
  • Madagascar cocoa powder


    Cocoa powder is a good ally for breakfast in the morning! It can be consumed as a hot or cold drink, added to smoothies or cereal bowls. It fits into most pastry recipes.


    Cocoa powder is obtained after several processing steps. In a simplified way, it comes from a part of the cocoa mass which comes from the roasted bean crushed then hot ground.


    Like all our other products, it comes from wild cultivation without chemical treatment.


    Origin: Madagascar


    Conservation: In a cool, dry place between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius


    Other information: Gluten free

    • Discover original recipe ideas featuring cocoa powder! :here

    • Malagasy cocoa is 100% natural since it grows wild in nature and without fertilizer. 90% of Malagasy production comes from the Sambirano Valley, a region located in the northwest of the island. 

      The taste  of cocoa from Madagascar is unique, it reveals a fruity aftertaste. Its bitterness is moderate and unusual ... 

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