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Pink berries from Madagascar - Professional

Pink berries from Madagascar - Professional

Discover the exoticism of Madagascar with our Pink berries of Superior Quality to enhance your culinary creations. Add a fruity and tangy touch to your high-end dishes. It is an exceptional spice for Chefs and demanding professionals.


With a subtle and delicate scent, Madagascar pink berries have light floral notes, sometimes evoking aromas of rose, pepper and citrus. Pink berries are often used to enhance a variety of dishes, ranging from from savory dishes to sweet creations. They can be used to add a touch of color and flavor to salads, meat dishes, sauces, marinades and even desserts. In addition to their use in cooking, pink berries are also valued for their aesthetic appearance, serving as a visually appealing garnish.


Like all our other products, it comes from wild cultivation without chemical treatment. At MATANA Québec, each product we offer is carefully selected to bring additional value to your professional creations.

  • Explore the origins, flavors and culinary uses of these unique berries by reading our dedicated FAQ.

    Madagascar Pink Berries FAQ

  • Emballage en sac sous-vide

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